How does it work?

Create an account

The first steps to create your own user profile is to click on Register in the top menu bar and complete the wizard.

Bear in mind that your password needs to contain minimum 6 characters, included one capital letter and one number. Try to use a complex combination of letters and numbers together with using uppercase and lowercase letters to make your password more unique. Your password should be easy to remember but hard for someone else to figure out.

When you finish your registration, you’ll need to confirm your email address. We’ll send you an email to help you confirm your email. The email will be send to the email address that you used at your registration form. If you didn’t receive an email to confirm your user account, please contact us. We will assist you in your problem.

If you already have a user account, you can simply click on Log in to enter your user profile.

There is no age limit to create a user account. The only thing you need to register is a valid email address.

Art Profile is free of charge. That means that to have your own user profile we will not charge for it. However, you will have the opportunity to purchase related items or services in the future.

By using or accessing “Art Profile”, you agree to our Terms & Conditions.

Upload Artworks

To upload artwork into your user profile you go to Log in Go to "add art work", fill in the information that you want to display and upload your picture.

It is to your best interest to upload as many artwork items as you want. There is no limit on the amount of items to upload. Make sure that you are clear enough in your description you give on your art. We have made a selection on what art form to select that might relate to you art item that you want to display. However if you have an art item that is not mentioned in the selection drop list, please contact us. We will make sure that the art form will be added in the drop list of the to be selected art forms.

Please pay attention to the quality of the picture of your art item that you want to upload. It is important that the picture is clear enough so that your art item is well displayed. Make sure to eliminate surroundings as much as possible in your picture that are not related to your art item.

We own the right to remove pictures that are not well suited or may seam offending in the context of this site. You will be notified of this offence by email and the picture will be removed from public viewing. If this behavior is repeated several times we have the right to remove your account from our website. More info on our picture policy can be found in our Terms & Conditions.

Share your work

By creating a user profile at “Art Profile” you have the opportunity to display your art. You can share your art with us and share you art with the world. It is the intention of Art Profile to group artists that are creative in their field. It gives you the opportunity to interconnect with other artists in your same art field or different art fields or simply with people sharing your interest in art. By publishing your art on the site you make your art visible to the world. So make your art visible!

If you have a Facebook or twitter account, you will have the opportunity to share your art to your own Facebook or twitter account by liking pictures.